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November 2013 Sagittarius horoscope prediction:

You must do your best to keep open the lines of communication with your partner this month. The Venus Mars aspects that rule the Sagittarius love life could well cause cracks to open up between you if you are not careful to talk through any problems.

The best thing for Sagittarius to do in the workplace this month is to let others get on with their own jobs without interference from you. Give people the trust they deserve or your own career will move backwards.

Do not go jumping in to any big purchases without discussing what you need to pay out. Talk to close family and friends before you commit yourself.

You need to get out a bit more to see new places and meet people from different walks of life. There is a big tendency for Sagittarius to become a little insular this month without any outside perspectives.

Sagittarius needs to socialise a little more during November 2013, or you will start to feel a little stale. Get your friends round for a night in at some point for a catch up.

November 2013 Sagittarius Summary:
With Venus beginning the month in Sagittarius, but then leaving after just a few short days, you may well be feeling a little lost at times during November 2013. Venus has been moving away from the Square with Mars last month at increasing speed, adding to some changes heading your way. Add to this the arrival of The Moon at the same time Venus moves in to Capricorn, and Sagittarius has a lot to contend with at the start of the month. If there are any problems in your romantic relationship with your partner, this will focus things entirely on the negatives. Give your lover all the attention they need before it is too late. Venus leaves Sagittarius on November 5th.
Things calm a lot for Sagittarius following the movement of Venus in to Capricorn, and you should take this as an opportunity to build on your communication skills. It is not just your romantic relationship that will need your attention, but any socializing and work related dynamics will have you treading carefully or putting some people out of place. You must do your best to listen and understand other peoples point of view.
Things turn a lot more in your favour after The Sun enters Sagittarius in isolation on November 22nd. This is very much a back to basics and focus on what you do best: learning and understanding. A broad minded and rational approach with the people around you is the order of the day. Let other people do their own thing without any comment from you, but at the same time ask questions about other people's lives. By finding out how other people tick, you will learn more about the world around you and even see some things in a new light. By the end of the month you should be in higher spirits than at the beginning with some new found insights in to where you want to head in your life.

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